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The 8th Meeting of Working Group on Light Vehicle Fuel Consumption Test Methods and the 12th Meeting of Working Group on Formulationof Passenger Vehicle Fuel Consumption Standards Held in Yinchuan
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From July 23 to 24 of 2019, the 8th Meeting of Working Group on Light Vehicle Fuel Consumption Test Methods and the 12th Meeting of Working Group on Formulation ofPassenger Vehicle Fuel Consumption Standards were held in Yinchuan. Nearly 100 representatives from major passenger vehicles and light commercial vehicles manufacturers home and abroad and the auto associations affiliated to the two Working Groups on Light Vehicle Fuel Consumption Test Methods and Phase V Fuel Consumption for Passenger Vehicles participated the Meeting. Wang Zhao, Chief Engineer of Auto Standardization Research Institute of China Automotive Technology and Research Center Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as ASRI of CATARC), and Zheng Tianlei, Director of Division 4 of ASRI, attended the Meeting.

Wang Zhao said that the standard of test methods for the light vehicles fuel consumption and the phase V standard have been submitted for approval and are expected to be issuedwithin 2019. With regard to the transition between the new and old test cycles, the ASRI engineers have formulated a packageof transitionalprogramsand have delivered report to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, which have been initially approved=. However, how to implement the follow-up programsis still to be discussed, and concerted efforts by all Working Group members are needed in order to find reasonable solutions and reduce the cost in transition of test cycle. In the next phase, the revision of standards oflabels, limitsfor light commercial vehicles and off-cycle technology shall be focused. He hoped that all team members cooperate to effectively promote the formulation and implementation of energy saving standards.

On the Meeting, ASRI engineers introduced the reformscheme of working group on energy standards, the schemes for the test cycle transition forenergy saving standards, revision of standards for light vehicle energy consumption labels, the development status of phase V standard for passenger vehicles and revisionscheme for standard of light commercial vehicle fuel consumption limits. Experts on standards and regulations from BMW, ACEA, Porsche, GM, the Great Wall Motors and SGMW introduced the COP and interpolation family plan, implementationof European vehicle fuel consumption label standards, the implementation of European and US off-cycle energy saving technical regulations in Europe and US, and the advice on implementation and revisionof light commercial vehicles fuel consumption limitsstandards. Representatives presenting the Meeting carried out in-depth discussion over various topics and have reached common consensus on the work plan for the next phase.

On the Meeting, such topics were sorted outand discussed, e.g. light vehicle fuel consumption test methods, the key issues in phase V standards for passenger vehicles and the standards oflabels and off-cycle energy saving technology and light commercial vehicle fuel consumption limitations. After the Meeting, theASRI Drafting Working Group will push forward the formulation, revisionand implementation of relevant standards in accordance with the opinions and common consensus as reached on the Meeting. The transition of test cycle in the future will influence a series of auto energy saving standards, and the ASRI will actively communicate with relevant authority to determine the follow-up schemes as soon as possible. At the same time, he hoped that all representatives make timely internal communication and shall provide feedback and advice on key issues arisen on the Meeting in order to promote the formulation of vehicle energy saving standards.

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