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Kick-off Meeting of Working Group on Vehicle Electromagnetic Compatibility Held in Yantai
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On July 31 2019, the Kick-off Meeting of Working Group onVehicle Electromagnetic Compatibility under Electronic and Electromagnetic Compatibility Subcommittee of NTCAS was held in Yantai. More than 60 experts from CATARC, domestic and foreign auto manufacturers, components companiesand testingcentersas well as electronic sectorattended the Meeting. Wang Xueping, Deputy Director of ASRI of CATARC, attended, and Zhu Tong from ASRI chaired the Meeting.

Wang expressed his gratitude towards all experts for their support in the past years and pointed out that the Subcommittee is one of the most fundamental and important committees of NTCAS which serves as a key pillar for the development of traditional vehicles, NEVs and ICVs. He stressed that the ASRI of CATARC will always fulfill tasks as the Secretariat of the Subcommittee and will improve the standards system and promote the formulation of standards under the trendsof electrification, intellectualization, networkingand ride-sharing.

On the Meeting, the EMC standards system and the work plan for the secondhalf of 2019 were discussed. The Subcommittee integrated the EMC working group on traditional vehicles and EVs, involving the standards research, formulation and revisionregarding traditional vehicles, NEVs, ICVs and its components/subsystems. In the secondhalf of 2019, according to specific fields, it will establish research teams focusing on relatively mature fields and pre-research teams for some major projects. Also, the principle of identifyingthe same typeas contained in GB 34660-2017 Road Vehicles - Requirements and test method of electromagnetic compatibility and the components list scheme (hereinafter referred to as the Scheme) were introduced. The experts attending the Meeting also carried out in-depth discussion over the Scheme and reached common consensus.

Finally, the standard framework and testing and assessmentof GB/T Electromagnetic compatibility requirements and testing methods for EVs charging couple system (draft for comment) were introduced. The work related to soliciting commentsfor this national standard has been completed within the period between Jan. 4 to Feb. 19 of 2019 and will be reviewed by the end of 2019. At the same time, the experts also introduced the progress and framework of GB/T Electromagnetic compatibility requirements and testing methods for EVs wireless charging system.

The Meeting sorted outthe electromagnetic compatibility standards system and the future work plan ofin a systematic and comprehensive manner and established a satisfactory platform for the communication for the industry, thus promoting the healthy and stable development of standards ofvehicle electromagnetic compatibility.

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