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The 2019 Annual Meeting for the Whole Vehicle Sub-committee (SC 19) of NTCAS & Standard Examination Meeting Held in Xining
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From August 21 to 22 of 2019, the Whole Vehicle Sub-committee (SC 19) of National Technical Committee of Auto Standardization (NTCAS) held its 2019 Annual Meeting & Standard Examination Meeting in Xining. More than 60 committee members and experts from the member units of SC19, standards drafting units, relevant domestic and foreign units and inspection units attended the Meeting. Feng Yi, Director of ASRI of CATARC and General Secretary of SC19, chaired the Meeting.

Yu Kai, Chairman of SC19 and Board Chairman of CATARC, attended and delivered speech. He pointed out that the requirement andadministration of standardization committee and mandatorystandards by competent state departments are more and more systematic and legal.In the future,NTCAS shall promote automotive standardization in a more regulated and efficient manner. The NTCAS organized its 30th Anniversary in 2018 and announced the projects of NTCAS on public welfare for the first time in the industry and provided financial and technological support with a purpose of improving auto standards system and promoting study and development of key technology. From 2018 to 2019, the SC19 has also realized achievements and has carried out a series of standardizationworkaround the industry focuses. He hoped that the SC19 shall keep the leading role of standards  under the new conditions concerning the international political environment, economic environment, state energy strategy and industry restructuring and shall well prepare the following tasks in accordance with the Standardization Law and under the guidance of the Plan for the Mid and Long-term Development of Auto Industry: first, building fundamental standards in order to facilitate governmental management; second, carrying out research and formulation of advanced standards, e.g. green cycle economy, intelligent manufacturing, etc., in order to pillar the state strategy on automotive development; third, working on the internationalization of national standards in the field of whole vehicle and the “Go Out” in standards in order to better service the industry.

Feng said that the NTCAS will push forward the second round projects based on successful announcement of public welfare ones last year and will take measures including projects with awards to encourage enterprises and experts who make positive contributions to the standardization. He suggested more comments on NTCAS from experts, and said that the NTCAS will keep trying promoting the research of standardization and will push forward the shift of committee members while considering external factors in an effort to make clear the work process to the industry.

Wang Xueping, Deputy Director of ASRI of CATARC, summarized the production and sales of autos and the developments about policies in the first half of the year and introduced the recent work results and progress of NTCAS from such five aspects as the formulation and revision as well as focal point administration of standards, standardization in key areas, the internationalization of standards, standardized service and results of standardization in other areas.

Sun Zhipeng, Director of Division I of ASRI, introduced the work of SC19 from 2018 to 2019, the internationalization of standards and the work plan for the next year. There are 74 standards in use under SC 19, with 5 standards newly proposed and 5 standards submitted for approval in 2019. By now, SC 19has initiated 19 standards and has proposed to formulate and revise32 standards. In the future, it will continue the formulation and revisionand provide guidance for the development of the industry.

Next, all committee members reviewed the two recommended national standards including“Performance requirements and test methods of tyre blow-out emergency safety device” and “Series type spectrum for rigid truck with box body”; one industrial standard “Test methods of polycyclic aromative hydrocarbons in automotive materials” and discussed with committee members about standards term by term and offered their ideas on modification. Through voting on site, all members agreed to approve the three standards and required that all drafting groupsshall make modifications based on the adviceprovided duringthe meeting in order to submit standards to competent departments for approval as soon as possible.


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