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2019 Plenary Session of Automotive Branch of China Association for Standardization &AutomotiveStandards Regulations Information Exchange Meeting Completely Held
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In this coming Autumn, 2019 Plenary Session of Automotive Branch of China Association for Standardization & Automotive Standards Regulations Information Exchange Meeting was successfullyconvened in Ningbo from Sept. 4th to 5th of 2019 with the intensive preparations of Automotive Branch of China Association for Standardizationand along with ardent expectations of all peers of the auto industry. About 180 experts and representatives who deal with and care about the work of auto standards and regulations from auto manufacturers, components and system suppliers, testingand certification organizations, scientific research institute participated into the meeting. Major fruits and work progress of China in auto standards and regulationsandmeanwhile development status ofmultiple key areassuch as the standards formulation for NEVs and ICVsover the past one year have been summarized and reviewed. The Meeting was chairedby Liu Yanrong, General Secretary of the Automotive Branch of China Association for Standardization.

Feng Yi, Director of ASRI CATARC, was present and delivered the address. Feng stressed that China’s auto industry is in a critical stage featuring revolutionary reform. And those who carry on the cause of standardization shall fulfill the historical task of innovation and development and shall always unite together in order to promote Chinese spirit. He hoped that all could make full use of the exchange platform built by the Automotive Branch of China Association for Standardizationwith a purpose of realizing mutual benefit situation, promoting mutual development and pushing forward the work of auto standards in new era.

Then, Li Weijing, from NTCAS, delivered keynote speech, summarizing and briefing relevant policies regarding auto industry as well asthe formulation and modification status of national standards and industrialstandards over the past one year. The speech was clear and comprehensive, facilitating stakeholdersto track the development statues and information about auto standards from different aspects and put forwardreference for the majorwork plan in the next phase.

Bao Xiang from NTCAS shared his work related to the revision of vehicle energy saving standards regarding  Phase V for passenger vehicles, light vehicles energy consumption labels,  light commercial vehicle fuel consumption limits. Xu Xiao major in NEVs introduced the thoughts on standardization of EVs and developments regarding standards creation and revision.

China’s auto industry is now practicingRoad and Belt Initiative proposed by President Xi, and NTCAS is taking active measures to speed up international development of auto standards with rules to follow. Zhu Yi, Senior Engineer, shared information about latest progress in this regard. Dr. Zhang Tongzhu from NTCAS, summarized the construction of standards system for alternate fuel vehicles and methyl vehicles and the formulation and modification of such standards. He hoped that more companiescould care about and participate the research and formulation of relevant standards. The green vehicle circulation economy is catching more attention in recent years, and Dr. Zhang introduced the work in this area in a detailed manner.

Standardization of ICVs, followed by NEVs, are highly valued and involved by the industry. Zhao Jingwei, Deputy Chief Engineer from NTCAS, was invited to talk about standardization of ICVs, the formulation of standards already established and to be established as well as the harmonizationof international standards.

Ma Yue, Senior Engineer fromEquipment Industry Development Center of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, summarized the latest changes and tips regarding vehicle announcement management, thus settling down concerns of relevant companiesin announcement of certification and facilitating coordination and supplement of standards and certifications.

This meeting has produced a thorough summary and report about auto industry standards, making ita key channel and a fruitful event for all auto standards staff to obtain information. In the future, the Automotive Branch of China Association for Standardizationwill continue providing more service, soliciting ideas from more areas, conveying demandsof auto industry, fulfilling its function as an important exchange platform, promoting diversified models of exchange, enhancing influenceof Automotive Branch of China Association for Standardizationand providing membersservice with higher quality.

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