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Meeting Notice

Invitation to “The 4th International Symposium on Technologies & Standards and Regulations for Intelligent and Connected Vehicles (ICV 2018)”
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Dear Sir or Madam,

The Intelligent and Connected Vehicles (ICV) has been an inevitable trend of the development of the automotive technology. The global automobile industry, information industry and communication industry have blended into an innovative power for collaborative innovation with the focus on vehicle intellectualization and connection, expecting to develop autonomous driving as early as possible. Being considered as the strategic emphasis, the ICV has developed rapidly around the world through multiple ways including R&D, piloting, demonstration, policy and regulation.

The role that standards and regulations play in leading and supporting the ICV development has become more and more prominent. According to a series of important documents such as “Made in China 2025”, “Standardization and Quality Improvement Plans of Equipment Manufacturing Industry” and ”Automation Industry Medium-term and Long-term Development Plans”, the ICV positioning strategy has been confirmed, also strengthen the development of connected vehicle standard system. The National Technical Committee of Auto Standardization (NTCAS), strongly supported by MIIT and SAC, established an ICV sub-committee, organized the Advanced Driver Assistant System (ADAS) Working Group, Cyber Security Working Group and Autonomous Driving (AD) Working Group, it also launched a series of research on generality, basic and key technique standards.

The International Symposium on Technologies & Standards and Regulations for Intelligent and Connected Vehicles has been held since 2015, which has built up a professional platform for communication across fields, industries and countries. The Symposium focuses on the discussions and dialogues of the development of ICV technology and ICV industry, especially on the standards, regulations, policies and actions, which has attracted high attention from the United Nations, ISO, relevant governments and home and abroad industries with wide acclaim.

The National Technical Committee of Auto Standardization (NTCAS) proposed to hold the "The 4th International Symposium on Technologies & Standards and Regulations for Intelligent and Connected Vehicles (ICV 2018)" from June 28th to 29th, 2018. Then the competent departments concerned by MIIT, SAC, MPS, MOT, the related government sectors of U.S., Japan and Germany, the International Authorities as UN, ISO and experts in automobile, information, communication, transportation and internet industries from home and abroad will be invited to the symposium, with the focus on the standards and regulations research as well as the system construction of ICV, discussing the ICV technology R&D, industry development and the policy and strategy study with multivariate thinking and foresight in order to jointly promote the healthy and sustainable development of ICV technology and industry.

Detailed symposium agenda and the arrangement of the anniversary ceremony will be attached and updated on the website of NTCAS (www.catarc.org.cn).


About the matters of the meeting are as follows:


1. Time and Venus

    Time: June 28th ~29th, 2018, 2 days

    Venue: undetermined and will be published on the formal conference notice


2. Main topics

  • Analysis on ICV policy and management measures
  • Test evaluation of AD on the public road
  • Standard system construction and standard revision trends
  • International standards &regulations coordination
  • Automated driving test evaluation
  • Test base and demonstration area construction
  • Advanced driving assistance and automated driving technology
  • Artificial intelligence
  • V2V/V2X, 5G communication
  • Functional safety and information security
  • Solutions to system components and chips

The Chinese-English simultaneous translation will be available during the meeting.


3. Contacts

Please fill out the participant feedback form and forward it to NTCAS Secretariat before March 15th, 2018:

  • Mr. Xie Hanguang

Tel: +86-22-84379118, Cell phone: +86-18522178929,

E-mail: xiehanguang@catarc.ac.cn

  • Ms. Guo Lin

Tel: +86-22-84379272, Cell phone: +86-13920889676

E-mail: guolin@catarc.ac.cn



February, 3rd, 2018



  1. 1. Feedback form
  2. 2. Symposium agenda


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