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Meeting Notice

Notice of Organizing PSTAR-ICRASH of 2018 and Call for Papers
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1.  Introduction

ICRASH International Conference is one of the most leading and authoritative conference in the world, which focuses on road safety, aviation safety and railway safety, starting from 1998. ICRASH has been calling for papers based on the International Journal of Crashworthiness (SCI Expanded) and providing a vital forum for engineers, bioengineers, designers and researchers in the field of accident investigation, crash mechanics, structural crashworthiness and impact biomechanics to reduce fatalities and injuries attributed from world’s crashes..

PSTAR has been organized by CATARC and NTCAS for 6 years, which has promoted the development of standards, NCAP safety ratings and technologies on passive safety, and has provided a vital platform for the cooperation of OEMs, organizations and universities.

Vehicle safety is facing new technical challenges as transport technologies advance to new levels using smart systems and becoming autonomous. PSTAR and ICRASH are jointly organizing this international conference in China to promote and present innovative ideas and products that contribute to the reduction in traffic crashes while improving traffic safety.

2. Organizer

China Automotive Technology and Research Center (CATARC for short) 

ICRASH & Crash Engineering Solutions

Taylor & Francis Group International Journal of Crashworthiness

3. Conference Scope

  • Structural Crashworthiness-Road / Rail Vehicles / Air and spacecraft / Ships / Submarines
  • Impact Biomechanics-Vehicle Occupants / Vulnerable Road Users (Cyclists and Pedestrians)
  • Safety Systems and Materials-Vehicle Occupant Restraints/Energy Absorbers / Metallic and Composite Materials
  • Accident Survey and Reconstruction-Real World Database / Realistic Regulations / Type Approval Tests / Customer Rating Systems
  • Modelling-Simulation and Validation
  • Intelligent Safety-Combination of Active & Passive Safety

4. Time & Venue

July, 2018     China

Please see the Attachment 1 about the detail.

5. Call for Paper

All the papers received by the academic committee will be filtered and then published in the conference proceedings after peer review. The outstanding papers in the conference proceeding will be published in The International Journal of Crashworthiness, which is SCI Expanded. The recommended excellent paper( Chinese/English) will be published in Journal of Automotive Safety and Engergy.

About the requirements and deadlines for abstracts and papers, please see the Attachment 1 and Attachment 2.

6. Conference Registration and Payment

We sincerely invite all experts in relevant fields from enterprises, universities and organizations to attend the ICRASH 2018 conference. The academic keynote speech, keynote speech on application in enterprises, and workshop will be planned in the conference where there will be a variety of communication and discussion in different fields. We hope that you could share your research on this field and be inspired as well.

The conference registration and payment will be available from Jan. 1st, 2018.

7.  Others

The subsequent information (time, hotel and papers) will be updated in this website, please stay tuned.

8.  Contacts

Li Chong/ Mr.


Sun Zhendong/ Mr.



86 15102232579


86 13920549405







Attachment 1

Attachment 2

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